May 19, 2014

Meet Jennifer Kornowske (Navah) of Navah Mirage

Jennifer Kornowske (Navah) of Navah Mirage is from the surrounding Green Bay, WI area. She is Self Employed & workings part time as belly dance instructor for other organizations. Kornowske also instructs dance, paints professionally, and is the Owner of Almost Nuts! Crazy Snack Food (a manufacturing & distribution co).

"Every day is a new challenge and a new experience. Working with people is a passion for me and having an opportunity to change their environment and help inspire others to reach their goals or take a chance on themselves is very rewarding," explains Kornowske.

Activities of Navah Mirage

According to Kornowske, belly dancing is a wonderful way to become comfortable inside your own body and learn about new cultural ideas.

Classes at Navah Mirage are offered Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday throughout the Green Bay area at various locations. Classes are held at various locations to 'meet the nitch interest group in Northeastern Wisconsin'. Even if you are just curious about it you should check it out because it's a fun way to meet new people while getting some exercise at the same time.

What is Harmony Hafla 

Harmony Hafla is a free, fun, and exciting belly dance party held every first Saturday of each month. Navah Mirage hosts a hafla (belly dance party) to encourage belly dance culture and exploration, as well as to educate public about the truth that belly dance is a festive folk dance that has transformed over the years to have many beautiful and family friendly stylizations.

Dancers come from all over to perform and audience participation is encouraged. Fun for all ages. It is a great way to see if belly dance is for you.

About the Navah Mirage Troupe 
(Navah Mirage Students are not required to be troupe members.) 
Navah Mirage is an actual performing & student belly dance troupe with a non-compete atmosphere. Members of Navah Mirage agree to promote others to encourage new and practiced dancers that would like to take their dance to a higher level and offer opportunities and a safe place to develop skills.
Individuals that choose to be a member of Navah Mirage Troupe are dedicated to the dance, community focused, and enjoy performing for public.

We have opportunities to perform in the community at the Farmers Markets, ArtStreet, Folk Festivals, Harmony Café Haflas, & many other type of events. Some of our dancers choose to promote their dance at privet parties, business events, fundraisers, & other promotional projects.

For more information please check out our Facebook page. Or view our YouTube video to see what Belly Dance is all about.

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