June 8, 2016

Natural Health Webinars

Here’s some FREE Natural Health Education for you!!

6 One-Hour Webinars for you to learn from ~ June 13 – 18

Enjoy a weeklong LIVE training extravaganza with natural health experts!

We'll broadcast LIVE three times a day (Central Time)
·         Noon
·         4:00 pm
·         8:30 pm

·         Check website for exact time in your location.  Saturday’s class is 10:30 (CT)

Topics include:

For Adults Only:  Improve Your Love Life Naturally
It Takes a lot of Guts to be Super Healthy:  Examine Your Microbiome
Better Breathers Club:  Overhaul Your Respiratory System
The Authentic Essential Oils Workshop Experience
Plus Chinese Herbs and More!

Education Week also means exclusive discounts on featured products plus special offers for everyone who attends. Spread the word to everyone you know!

Get details and register at www.nspwebinars.com.

Dr. Joe Lamb
Experience “Thrivival”: Welcome to the Maintenance Phase of Your Health Journey
Monday, June 13
So you’ve lost weight with IN.FORM and you want a dependable system to keep it off or to lose even more weight. Dr. Joseph Lamb will walk you through the science that led to Nature’s Sunshine’s amazing product breakthrough for metabolic age support, including weight loss, heart health and blood sugar support, plus increased microbiome health and vitality. See the clinical study results for yourself, and learn how to maintain your IN.FORM success with unbeatable nutrition. Don’t just survive…thrive!

Dr. Jay Vanden Heuvel ND
It Takes a Lot of Guts to Be Super Healthy: How to Have a Super-biome
Tuesday, June 14
Major scientific sources are finally recognizing what natural healers have known all along: the gut is the center of your health universe. In this can't-miss session with Jay Vanden Heuvel, Ph.D., IMD., DHS, you’ll learn the protocols and products that will transform your semi-measly biome into a “super-biome” by discovering the what, when and how of perfect probiotic support. No guts, no glory…don’t miss Dr. Jay!

Steven Horne
What’s Your Element? Don’t Leave Choosing Chinese Formulas to Chance…
Wednesday, June 15
Steven Horne will host What’s Your Element?, a spoof on old-fashioned TV interview shows that provides a fun new way to help people share the correct Chinese herbs with anyone. His unique characters help paint a clear picture of what each of the five Chinese elements do in the body. Meet Rose Woods, Crystal Burns, Flo Waters and other personalities in this informative new foray into Traditional Chinese Medicine. Now working with TCM products is a snap!

Cindy Klement
Better Breathers Club: Rescuing and Rebuilding Your Respiratory System
Thursday, June 16
Breathe in…and exhale…. It’s funny how we take for granted something as vital to life as breathing. Natural health expert and professional instructor Cindy Klement will provide in-depth training on how you can become a better breather and why that’s important to your overall health. If you have friends, family members or clients with respiratory concerns, tune in for this informational webinar…and start breathing easy about your health.

Rhonda Dial
For Adults Only: Improve Your Love Life Naturally
Friday, June 17
Master Teacher Rhonda Dial will teach how in every adult body, reproductive hormones exist in a delicate harmony. With age, hormone production naturally declines, and these powerful chemicals can easily get out of balance as men’s and women’s abilities to regulate critical hormones can become compromised. This often results in lack of libido, along with intimacy and performance problems. Millions of people suffer in silence or turn to dangerous chemicals for help. Don’t let your love life suffer! Mother Nature has provided wonderful help for both men and women seeking assistance with intimacy issues. Learn how to feel your best and keep that twinkle in your eye at any age!

Sylvia Rogers and Brandi Rainey
10 Little Bottles Mean Big Business: Getting the Most from Your Authentic Essentials Kit
Saturday, June 18
You have your Authentic Essential Oils Kit, or you are thinking about getting one. But do you know what to DO with it? Where to start? Sharing essential oils can be simple, fun and extremely rewarding (physically, emotionally and financially) to both your customers and you. Sylvia Rogers and Brandi Rainey share their tips for a successful workshop that includes, planning, execution and follow-up.

Previous Webinar Library
Sylvia Rogers
Going Green: Safe, Earth-Smart Alternatives for Your Home and Family Using NSP Authentic Essential Oils and More
Tune in to learn all kinds of quick and simple ways to use NSP Authentic Essential Oils to make your own room fresheners, backyard sprays, kitchen and bathroom scrubs, and laundry detergent. Reduce your family's exposure to chemicals with these earth-friendly recipes. Then share them with your group members so they can experience the same joyful aromas.

Steven Horne
The Skinny on Snot
Enjoy a unique look at the respiratory system, including various types of mucus. Discover which NSP products and foods/dietary recommendations can help to restore balance to this sometimes-snotty system.

Cindy Klement
Is Pain Kickin' Your Butt?
Just as Carly Simon sang so beautifully in the 70s, NONE of us has time for the pain. Learn which natural supplements enable to the body to better cope with pain when it occurs.

Dr. Jay Vanden Heuvel
What the Health, Where Do I Start?
So you (or someone you know) really wants to get healthier but isn't sure where to begin. This Webinar is for you (or him or her)! Dr. Jay presents foundational ideas for getting back to the basics of health.

Laurence Smith
Hands on Uses: Make Your Own Salves, Ointments, Creams and Lotions
Join Laurence Smith for a full demonstration on how to make effective salves, ointments, creams and lotions featuring NSP products. See how these natural products can be used topically to support your health from the outside in!

Dr. Jay Vanden Heuvel,
Angela Lowther,
Steven Horne
Ask the Experts (panel of herbal gurus)
Join us LIVE for a first-ever, interactive question-and-answer session with three NSP manager experts. Get your health questions addressed, and gather tips and tricks that you can share in your own business.

Recorded Webinars

Success Week Recordings - January 2016


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