July 13, 2016

Healing Through Reiki - Tried and True

by Lisa Miller

 In celebration of Dr. Usui’s 150th birthday, lets re-visit Reiki as the tried and true healing modality that it is. Those already familiar with the healing arts know what I know.  Dr. Usui is credited with introducing Reiki in the late 1800’s as an energy healing method.   With all of the new healing modalities available these days, it is important to remember that Reiki is not only a solid foundation, but a constant source for deep inner healing and energy balancing and has been around for thousands of years.
What do feelings have to do with disease and/or illness?

As each of us go through painful experiences in our life we automatically try not to feel the pain. At a very young age we were taught not to cry and not to express our emotions or feelings. This was considered inappropriate behavior and instead of allowing our natural feelings and emotions to rise to the surface, so we could release them, we stuffed them in the depths of our subconscious mind or energy field blocking our inner healer. These “frozen” moments of pain remain in our energy field if we do not allow them to fully be felt and expressed. All of these “frozen” moments create disharmony by blocking the natural flow of our inner healers healing energies. Without realizing it, we create our own illness and dis-ease through our own unprocessed emotions, feelings and negative thoughts. As Deepak Chopra says, “Our bodies are the battleground for the wars we rage in our “mind”. Your mind exists not only in the brain but also throughout your entire energetic and physical being. Your mind is your complete human computer system. It is the body, as well as, your aura that extends 2-3 feet around your body. Therefore, negative thoughts, feelings and emotions are not just in the brain. They also collect in the various locations throughout the body and aura or energy system.

The places where negative thoughts and feelings collect is where energy is restricted in flow, therefore, negatively affecting the physical organs that exist at these locations. If the negative thoughts, feelings and emotions are not eliminated quickly we create dis-ease and illness.
All illness whether it be a cold, pain, depression, anxiety, cancer or addiction is created because there is an energetic imbalance or distortion in the human energy field. If this imbalance or block is not released it will work its way through the many layers of the energetic field and make its way to the physical body creating a symptom or pain. Once it has made its way to the physical body; doctors, surgeons and pharmaceuticals are absolutely necessary. Unfortunately, these methods only treat the “effect” of the energy distortion and never get to the root cause of the illness. Oftentimes, this leads to additional surgeries and a lifetime dependency on medicine.

Modern medicine is just now beginning to acknowledge that humans are both energetic and physical beings. Many hospitals are beginning to incorporate Reiki practitioners in their medical practice. In fact, Dr. Oz uses two Reiki practitioners in the operating room while he performs open heart surgeries. He understands, during an operation, patients loose vital life force energy. By having Reiki practitioners “charge up” the patient’s energy field during an operation their pain will be reduced and they will have a quicker healing response. Instead of a depleted energy field, they leave the operating room with higher levels of life force energy greatly assisting the patient’s ability to fully recover.

What is Reiki?

Reiki works on all levels of your being: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. Reiki is a full spectrum healing modality treating both the “cause” and the “effect” of the energetic imbalance. During each Reiki session your entire energetic and physical system is charged up with a high level of Universal Life Force Energy , which some people call God/Spirit/Source.
This is the energy that animates all living things. When our life force energy is high we are energetic, healthy, creative and vibrant. When our life force energy is low we are more susceptible to illness and we feel depleted, depressed, unhealthy and exhausted. Naturally, as we age, our life force energy begins to fade. In addition, our life style choices also affect our supply of life force energy. Alcohol, cigarettes, drugs, stress, dehydration, lack of exercise, repetitive negative thoughts/emotions/feelings, fear, unhealthy relationships and poor choices in our food all affect our life force energy. Our life force energy is vital to our health and well-being.

Spontaneous healings and miracles can occur in one Reiki session; however, multiple sessions are usually required. During a Reiki session, a high level of universal life force energy moves through your system breaking up and dissolving old traumas, blocks, negative energy, unprocessed emotions and stored pain. As we eliminate each imbalance in your system, your supply of life force energy will be increased, therefore, assisting you with your own healing. Your inner healer will be activated through the removal of energetic blocks and negative frequencies assisting your body to become stronger and more able to use its own inner wisdom to fight off disease. Once balance is achieved, your moods and behaviors will improve, your sense of self and self-esteem will return and your innate self-organizing principle in your body will be activated.

You are the motivating force in your healing. It is your personal power and determination that will bring you back into an optimum state of well-being. The only person who can create change within you is YOU! Sincere desire to heal, personal responsibility, self-reflection and opening yourself up to change will create the transformation you desire. In addition to continued Reiki treatments, visualization, prayer, meditation and affirmations are also powerful tools to assist you on your healing path. 

Lisa’s bio:
Lisa Miller is a powerful transformational healer, teacher, intuitive energy coach and consultant.  She has been a practicing Reiki Master and EFT practitioner for 8 years and incorporates Quantum Touch into each healing session.  Lisa has the unique ability to uncover insights from her clients deepest selves allowing them to manifest their greatest dreams and desires.  For a profound experience toward self-expansion, contact Lisa at CCM Wellness at 920-429-2888.

EFT in A Nutshell

EFT in A Nutshell
By:  Lisa Miller
 In this day and age of everything having some form of shorthand or acronym…NFL, CBS, LOL, ACA, etc.,  here is one acronym worth learning about and experiencing;  EFT.  EFT stands for Emotional Freedom Technique.   It could be that you have heard of EFT by its nickname, Tapping.   Imagine a trauma or emotional releasing technique where you tap on your face while repeating statements, crazy as it might sound, what I can tell you is that IT WORKS – often times when nothing else will!
Here’s my story.  EFT, tapping, found me at a time when I suffered severe chronic pain to the point of being non-functional.  I was also experiencing an acute attack of bronchitis on the day I attended a fibromyalgia support group.  The guest speaker was an EFT practitioner who brought me up in front of the group and “tapped” on me.  The next day, I could breathe easily – the bronchitis was GONE and I have not had an attack since.  That was 10 years ago!  My pain is also diminished and I am able to work and play like I never thought I would again!  I could not get enough and began tapping on EVERYTHING! Now it is a part of my life passion to educate people about this amazing technique and share what I have learned so that others might find healing and wholeness for their lives.

Image result for EFT Tapping points

How did EFT start…where did it come from?
The history of Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) is relatively new.  In the early 1990’s a Stanford Engineer, Gary Craig, developed the process.   It has evolved very quickly since then and many people continue to ‘refine’ EFT to this day.  It is fun, easy and can be utilized by anyone!
According to Wikipedia, EFT or Emotional Freedom Technique is a psychotherapeutic alternative medicine tool based on a theory that negative emotions are caused by disturbances in the body's energy field and that tapping on the meridians while thinking of a negative emotion alters the body's energy field, restoring it to "balance."
The broad possibilities of EFT were realized by Craig (along with many other therapists working in this field).  Energy psychology has fast become a specialized field of its own.  As a therapeutic technique there is little else to equal its simplicity and effectiveness.  Many experienced therapists now report a very high success rates for many conditions from anxiety and depression to PTSD and phobias.  Many are using it in their coaching businesses to tap for success and abundance with their clients, as well as for themselves!
Are you wondering how EFT works?
To be honest nobody knows exactly what makes the combination of tapping on certain points of the body combined with thinking of the negative emotions work to provide a person relief and renewal.  That shouldn’t stop anyone from giving EFT a try after all most of us don’t know what makes our computers, cellphones, TV’s, etc. work but we certainly enjoy how they can enrich our daily lives. 
Although no one is certain there are a few theories that address what makes EFT work so effectively.  Craig’s therapy proposes that an individual’s body energy system can be disrupted by negative emotions.  EFT uses the end points of the 12 major acupuncture meridians that make up the body’s energy system as found in Chinese Medicine.   It seems that while focusing on a specific problem (and tapping on the meridians that carry the energy) the disruptions are cleared. A release takes place clearing the physical or emotional pain being worked on – thus normal functioning can resume.
When using EFT normal function can be restored easily and effortlessly.  Although there are often layers to a person’s emotional distress most people experience a cognitive shift.  EFT can reverse the limiting beliefs and negative self-talk, creating new neural pathways in our brain. This allows people to experience other perspectives and see things very differently.
Why is it valuable to see a qualified EFT Practitioner?
Before tapping on your own working with an EFT Practitioner can be helpful in that they can offer an observer or objective view of your circumstances.  This can be beneficial because often when we are in the midst of a challenge it is difficult in that we are too close to the situation.  Often the trained practitioner can see what you might otherwise be missing. They know of extra tapping points and techniques to help in more difficult cases. Often they can see and help you to understand where you’re negative emotions are rooted.  The support of having another person tap for you or guide you through the process can be the key to unlocking even a more successful result. 
While EFT can certainly help a multitude of problems, it is NOT to be used as a replacement to Medical Treatment.  Your body is more powerful than you can imagine…filled with life, energy, and a compelling ability for self-healing.  With EFT Tapping, you can take control of that power and begin to unimaginable changes in all areas of your life! 

Lisa’s bio:
Lisa Miller is a powerful transformational healer, teacher, intuitive energy coach and consultant.  She has been a practicing Reiki Master and EFT practitioner for 8 years and incorporates Quantum Touch into each healing session.  Lisa has the unique ability to uncover insights from her clients deepest selves allowing them to manifest their greatest dreams and desires.  For a profound experience toward self-expansion, contact Lisa at CCM Wellness at 920-429-2888.

Dare to Go Bare this Summer

Dare to Go Bare this Summer
By: Tanya Kriesel
Dare to go bare this summer, barefoot that is. Explore the outdoors barefoot and gain the health benefits for your mind, body and soul through a sole connection with nature. 
When you walk barefoot on the Earth it is called Earthing or Grounding.  Scientists have studied the effects of Earthing on our health to explain why it feels so good to connect with nature barefoot.  Earthing has shown benefits in reducing pain, inflammation and blood pressure.  It can increase mental clarity, energy and muscle recovery.  The theory of why Earthing is good for our health is that it draws free electrons from the Earth into the body to help balance our total body health. Plus these electrons are probably the most powerful antioxidants available. Earthing is free, all natural, readily available, and environmentally safe. 
When you go barefoot not only are you connecting to the healing Earth energy you are also receiving a natural Reflexology treatment. Foot Reflexology is the practice of applying pressure to reflex points on the foot to stimulate the body’s natural ability to heal and restore health. The reflex points correlate to the more than 7,000 nerve endings on each foot that are connected to our organs, glands, and structures of the body. Reflexology has been likely practiced since Ancient Egyptian times.  There are numerous reflexology benefits: promotes relaxation, reduce pain, boosts circulation, improves digestion, eliminates toxins, and increases energy.  By walking barefoot in nature you are stimulating theses reflex points and in return improving your health.
Nature provides natural reflex tools to stimulate these points. One of my favorite barefoot adventures is after a long busy work day kicking off my shoes for a hike in the forest.  Instead of walking over the big tree roots along the path use it as a reflex tool.  Place your foot across the root.  Take a deep breath and allow your foot to sink deeper onto the root. By moving the foot in different directions you can massage reflex points on your feet. Be aware of the sensations and take note of any sensitivity, soreness or tightness you may feel.  Educate yourself about the Foot Reflexology diagram or simply download an image or App.  In reflexology these sensations relate to the stress level of the particular body part. By pressing on these points you may relieve blockages and congestion. The feet hold stories of your body’s health that can be told thru Reflexology. What are your feet telling you?
Barefoot walking also improves balance, posture and muscle tone.  Nature’s uneven terrain is an excellent natural obstacle course for your feet.  By going barefoot on uneven surfaces, the sensory inputs of the foot signal the brain to make subtle adjustments in your gait to improve balance, posture and tone your muscles throughout the entire body. Wearing shoes blocks these signals. We now know it is best to have pre-walkers go barefoot or wear flexible footwear to learn to walk. Why do we then stuff our feet in shoes for the rest of our life restricting the agility and health of our feet?
Another favorite summer destination to walk barefoot is the beach.  The warm sands are heavenly.  The cool waters are refreshing.  One fabulous thing about living in Wisconsin besides the beautiful natural landscapes is the surrounding big lakes and the many inland lakes. We have so many opportune places to go to soak in the healing powers of nature.  Next time you visit a beach instead of walking over the smooth beach stones, use them as foot massagers and reflex tools. Stand on the stones to massage the pad and the heel of the foot or use the sides of the stones to massage your toes.
In Asia, small smooth stones or cobblestones are used to create “Reflexology Paths” to stimulate the reflexes of the feet.  Many people make it part of their morning routine to walk these paths before work.  In 2005 Oregon Research Institute completed a study with findings that adults 60 or older who regularly walk on cobblestone surfaces showed lower blood pressure readings than those who walked on flat surfaces.
Adding a Reflexology Path to your landscape or garden area would provide aesthetic beauty and health benefits.  Our lawns are a perfect safe place to start practicing walking barefoot. 
Always use caution and common sense when going barefoot in nature.  Barefoot walk in places that are free from glass, sharp objects and poisonous plants.  Listen to your body’s ability and physical health before adventuring out barefoot.  Start slow your feet may be sensitive.  Study the Reflexology diagram.  Have fun and be mindful.  Also if you haven’t experienced a Reflexology treatment, seek out a trained Reflexology practitioner and give it a try.
Going barefoot isn’t just for babies learning to walk, rugged wilderness people or hippies.  Actually everyone can live a healthier life by connecting our soles to the energy from the Earth. Happy Earthing to all of you! 
For more information on Reflexology please visit CCM Wellness Center website www.ccmwellnesscenter.com or call 920-429- 2888.

Tanya is a Licensed Massage Therapist integrating craniosacral therapy, reflexology, massage techniques, gentle visceral manipulations and Reiki to help release the emotional and physical conditions, traumas and stress within the body. She is a practitioner at CCM Wellness Center.

CranioSacral Therapy and Brain Health

CranioSacral Therapy and Brain Health
By Tanya Kriesel, LMT
What is CranioSacral Therapy?
In our bodies we have a type of river known as our cerebrospinal fluid. It flows from and around the brain and spinal cord providing protection, shock absorption, nourishment and essential nutrients to our body especially to our brain and central nervous system.
Much like a log or boulder in the river, when we experience physical, emotional and spiritual stress such as injury, illness or a loss of a loved one our river gets blocked and the cerebrospinal fluid cannot flow freely. This can cause our body to experience “dis-ease”, to feel pain and can lessen our body’s ability to function properly. In a CranioSacral Therapy session the client remains fully dressed lying on a massage table. By using a soft gentle touch, a practitioner tunes into the flow of the body’s “river” or cerebrospinal fluid and help release blockages or restrictions in the craniosacral system and surrounding connective tissue.  It is common that people experience a sense of deep relaxation and may drift off to sleep. Clients may feel an unwinding or softening as their bodies relax and release. When our river flows freely our bodily systems can function better and stimulate the body’s natural ability to heal.
How does CranioSacral Therapy support healthy brain function?

When blood and cerebrospinal fluids throughout the brain are properly flowing; vital and essential nutrients can be transported to the brain cells. Also, harmful waste products can be flushed out.  The Glymphatic System is a newly found system that helps in cleansing the brain.  This brain cleansing system may prevent diseases such as Alzheimer’s and maintain a healthy brain.

As we age, our cerebrospinal fluid production decreases and harmful substances may build up in the brain. This build up in the brain may influence diseases such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease.  CranioSacral Therapy promotes brain health by supporting and enhancing this cleansing process.

Below is a video explaining the Glymphatic System and its influence on the brain.
How does CranioSacral Therapy benefit brain injury and traumas?

Physical trauma such as birth process, head injury, whiplash and concussion can cause jarring or restriction at the base of the skull, spinal cord and other parts of the cranial bones.  This creates a log jam in our flow of blood and cerebrospinal fluid affecting the optimal function of the brain.  Abnormal flow can lead to inflammation, toxicity, cell congestion, and diminished blood flow to the brain causing dysfunction and disease.

During a session the practitioner concentrates a majority of time on observing and influencing the craniosacral fluid flow at the opening of the base of the skull, along the entire spine and cranial bones. By removing the log jam and cumulated debris; CranioSacral Therapy can improve physiological function and promote the body’s natural healing processes.
Below is a video of the Ricky Williams Foundation concussion pilot program of former NFL players conducted by CranioSacral Therapist at the Upledger Institute

Below is a list of other conditions CranioSacral Therapy may address:

  • Concussion and Traumatic Brain Injury
  • Migraines and Headaches
  • Chronic Neck and Back Pain
  • Autism
  • Stress and Tension-Related Disorders
  • Motor-Coordination Impairments
  • Infant and Childhood Disorders
  • Brain and Spinal Cord Injuries
  • Chronic Fatigue
  • Fibromyalgia
  • TMJ Syndrome
  • Scoliosis
  • Central Nervous System Disorders
  • Learning Disabilities
  • Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder
  • Orthopedic Problems
  • And Many Other Conditions

CranioSacral Therapy is such a gentle touch therapy that any age can benefit.  By improving the river that flows within us; CranioSacral gives the body the opportunity to nourish, repair and heal itself.
For more information on CranioSacral Therapy please visit CCM Wellness Center website www.ccmwellnesscenter.com or call 920-429- 2888.

Tanya is a Licensed Massage Therapist integrating craniosacral therapy, reflexology, massage techniques, gentle visceral manipulations and Reiki to help release the emotional and physical conditions, traumas and stress within the body. She is a practitioner at CCM Wellness Center.


June 8, 2016

Natural Health Webinars

Here’s some FREE Natural Health Education for you!!

6 One-Hour Webinars for you to learn from ~ June 13 – 18

Enjoy a weeklong LIVE training extravaganza with natural health experts!

We'll broadcast LIVE three times a day (Central Time)
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·         Check website for exact time in your location.  Saturday’s class is 10:30 (CT)

Topics include:

For Adults Only:  Improve Your Love Life Naturally
It Takes a lot of Guts to be Super Healthy:  Examine Your Microbiome
Better Breathers Club:  Overhaul Your Respiratory System
The Authentic Essential Oils Workshop Experience
Plus Chinese Herbs and More!

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Dr. Joe Lamb
Experience “Thrivival”: Welcome to the Maintenance Phase of Your Health Journey
Monday, June 13
So you’ve lost weight with IN.FORM and you want a dependable system to keep it off or to lose even more weight. Dr. Joseph Lamb will walk you through the science that led to Nature’s Sunshine’s amazing product breakthrough for metabolic age support, including weight loss, heart health and blood sugar support, plus increased microbiome health and vitality. See the clinical study results for yourself, and learn how to maintain your IN.FORM success with unbeatable nutrition. Don’t just survive…thrive!

Dr. Jay Vanden Heuvel ND
It Takes a Lot of Guts to Be Super Healthy: How to Have a Super-biome
Tuesday, June 14
Major scientific sources are finally recognizing what natural healers have known all along: the gut is the center of your health universe. In this can't-miss session with Jay Vanden Heuvel, Ph.D., IMD., DHS, you’ll learn the protocols and products that will transform your semi-measly biome into a “super-biome” by discovering the what, when and how of perfect probiotic support. No guts, no glory…don’t miss Dr. Jay!

Steven Horne
What’s Your Element? Don’t Leave Choosing Chinese Formulas to Chance…
Wednesday, June 15
Steven Horne will host What’s Your Element?, a spoof on old-fashioned TV interview shows that provides a fun new way to help people share the correct Chinese herbs with anyone. His unique characters help paint a clear picture of what each of the five Chinese elements do in the body. Meet Rose Woods, Crystal Burns, Flo Waters and other personalities in this informative new foray into Traditional Chinese Medicine. Now working with TCM products is a snap!

Cindy Klement
Better Breathers Club: Rescuing and Rebuilding Your Respiratory System
Thursday, June 16
Breathe in…and exhale…. It’s funny how we take for granted something as vital to life as breathing. Natural health expert and professional instructor Cindy Klement will provide in-depth training on how you can become a better breather and why that’s important to your overall health. If you have friends, family members or clients with respiratory concerns, tune in for this informational webinar…and start breathing easy about your health.

Rhonda Dial
For Adults Only: Improve Your Love Life Naturally
Friday, June 17
Master Teacher Rhonda Dial will teach how in every adult body, reproductive hormones exist in a delicate harmony. With age, hormone production naturally declines, and these powerful chemicals can easily get out of balance as men’s and women’s abilities to regulate critical hormones can become compromised. This often results in lack of libido, along with intimacy and performance problems. Millions of people suffer in silence or turn to dangerous chemicals for help. Don’t let your love life suffer! Mother Nature has provided wonderful help for both men and women seeking assistance with intimacy issues. Learn how to feel your best and keep that twinkle in your eye at any age!

Sylvia Rogers and Brandi Rainey
10 Little Bottles Mean Big Business: Getting the Most from Your Authentic Essentials Kit
Saturday, June 18
You have your Authentic Essential Oils Kit, or you are thinking about getting one. But do you know what to DO with it? Where to start? Sharing essential oils can be simple, fun and extremely rewarding (physically, emotionally and financially) to both your customers and you. Sylvia Rogers and Brandi Rainey share their tips for a successful workshop that includes, planning, execution and follow-up.

Previous Webinar Library
Sylvia Rogers
Going Green: Safe, Earth-Smart Alternatives for Your Home and Family Using NSP Authentic Essential Oils and More
Tune in to learn all kinds of quick and simple ways to use NSP Authentic Essential Oils to make your own room fresheners, backyard sprays, kitchen and bathroom scrubs, and laundry detergent. Reduce your family's exposure to chemicals with these earth-friendly recipes. Then share them with your group members so they can experience the same joyful aromas.

Steven Horne
The Skinny on Snot
Enjoy a unique look at the respiratory system, including various types of mucus. Discover which NSP products and foods/dietary recommendations can help to restore balance to this sometimes-snotty system.

Cindy Klement
Is Pain Kickin' Your Butt?
Just as Carly Simon sang so beautifully in the 70s, NONE of us has time for the pain. Learn which natural supplements enable to the body to better cope with pain when it occurs.

Dr. Jay Vanden Heuvel
What the Health, Where Do I Start?
So you (or someone you know) really wants to get healthier but isn't sure where to begin. This Webinar is for you (or him or her)! Dr. Jay presents foundational ideas for getting back to the basics of health.

Laurence Smith
Hands on Uses: Make Your Own Salves, Ointments, Creams and Lotions
Join Laurence Smith for a full demonstration on how to make effective salves, ointments, creams and lotions featuring NSP products. See how these natural products can be used topically to support your health from the outside in!

Dr. Jay Vanden Heuvel,
Angela Lowther,
Steven Horne
Ask the Experts (panel of herbal gurus)
Join us LIVE for a first-ever, interactive question-and-answer session with three NSP manager experts. Get your health questions addressed, and gather tips and tricks that you can share in your own business.

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May 17, 2016

Structural System

Structural System
bones, joints, ligaments, tendons, muscles and connective tissues

The structural system supports the body and protects internal organs, enables movement, produces blood cells in the bone marrow and is a storage site for some minerals…97% of calcium is stored in the bones.

Structural system health can be harmed by:

  • poor diet
  • a sedentary lifestyle
  • aging ~ e.g. bone loss increases with age
  • prescription medications ~ i.e. contraceptives, SSRI’s, etc.
  • excessive physical activity / athletics
  • excess mechanical stress ~ causes damage/degeneration of cartilage
  • weight-loss ~ can decrease bone density

Common structural system diseases include arthritis and osteoporosis.  It is estimated that 27 million Americans age 25 and older suffer from osteoarthritis, the most common type of arthritis and the second most common cause of long-term disability among middle-aged and older adults.  According to the US Surgeon General, approximately 10 million Americans have osteoporosis of the hip, while an additional 33.6 million adults aged 50 and older have osteopenia (e.g. low bone mineral density) of the hip, which places them at risk of developing osteoporosis later in life.

Bones ~ A newborn baby has about 300 soft bones—some bones are actually cartilage at this stage of development.  As the baby grows, the cartilage calcifies as calcium phosphate permeates the bones.  Eventually the calcified cartilage is replaced by true bone, and some of the baby’s bones fuse together.  Bones stop growing in size during the mid-teens for girls and around age 20 for boys, though the growing process lasts as bones constantly rebuild themselves.  Bones contain two types of cells—osteoblasts and osteoclasts—which work together to build new bone material on the outside and remove old material on the inside.  To sustain this regenerative effort, the body must receive sufficient supplies of vitamin D, calcium and phosphorus.  If a shortage of these minerals occurs in the bloodstream, the body will pull them from the bones, which can lead to weak and porous bones.

Connective Tissue ~ Some of the most important connective tissues in the structural system are those that make up the joints.  Joints are designed to permit movement between bones that must meet, but not touch.  These engineering marvels bind two or more bones together while cushioning and lubricating them to withstand a lifetime of bending, twisting, swinging and lifting.  Most joints are composed of similar elements.  The joint is enclosed in a tough fibrous capsule filled with synovial fluid to lubricate the moving parts of the joint.  Ligaments surround the capsule to protect it and provide stability to the joint.  Cartilage is a type of dense connective tissue.  It is made up of chondrocytes that produce a matrix of collagen and elastin fibers.  Cartilage provides support and structure to body tissues without being as rigid as bone.  It also serves to cushion the joints.

Muscles ~ Bones and joints provide the framework for the body and determine how it can move.  Muscles create the movement by converting chemical energy from food into physical energy.  There are more than 600 muscles in the body in three basic types: cardiac muscle, smooth muscle and skeletal muscle.  Each muscle is made up of countless fibers, and each fiber is composed of minute filaments that vary in length.  Muscles produce movement by contracting.  They never push; they pull, which means a pair of muscles is required to make a full range of movement.  Muscles grow through use.  The effort it takes to use muscles signals the heart to supply them with more blood and nutrients, which in turn stimulates the growth of the size of each muscle fiber.

When Things Go Wrong ~ Damage to the structural system can affect the way you move and enjoy life.  Three of the most common problems occurring in the structural system are osteoporosis, osteoarthritis and fibromyalgia.

Osteoporosis is characterized by low bone mass and a loss of bone tissue, leading to weak and brittle bones that are prone to breaks.  Osteoporosis is especially common among post-menopausal women, but men also develop osteoporosis.  While it is usually thought of as a disease for the elderly, research shows that peak bone density is achieved by age 25.  It is vital that men and women alike develop strong bones by that age so the bones can remain strong throughout life.  While the best defense against osteoporosis is to build strong bones during childhood and adolescence, other steps can help you lower your risk, such as getting adequate amounts of calcium and vitamin D, engaging in regular weight-bearing exercise and choosing a healthy lifestyle free of smoking and excessive alcohol.

Arthritis is a general term for a group of conditions involving damage to the joints of the body.  The most common form of arthritis is osteoarthritis, and this is the leading cause of chronic disability in the United States.  Osteoarthritis is caused by an abnormal wearing of cartilage in the joints, a decrease in the synovial fluid surrounding the joints, and chronic low-grade inflammation.  Since the bone surfaces in the joint are inadequately protected, osteoarthritis sufferers experience pain with weight-bearing activities, including walking and standing.

Fibromyalgia is characterized by chronic muscle pain.  This disorder is not entirely understood and is often referred to as fibromyalgia syndrome because researchers are learning that pain is just one element of fibromyalgia.  Associated pain can present itself in a variety of ways, from muscle pain, spasms and weakness, to sleep disturbances.  Other sufferers also experience brain fog and depression.  The cause of fibromyalgia is unknown, but certain triggers such as stress, physical exertion and lack of deep sleep seem to exacerbate symptoms.

A healthy structural system is built on basic principles of good nutrition, particularly adequate vitamin D and calcium intake, and regular exercise. The structural system gives your body strength and the ability to move. Taking care of it will allow you to engage in your favorite hobbies and activities for a lifetime.

Are you ready to keep the body’s bones, joints and muscles strong and healthy and to optimize full function of them?

Excellent Nutritional Supplements to Consider:

Skeletal Strength®
As we age, proper bone support and maintenance become a priority.  Working in conjunction with a healthy diet and regular exercise, Skeletal Strength helps us maintain good bone health, which may lessen the risk of osteoporosis later in life.  Each daily serving of 4 tablets provides 600 mg calcium, 600 mg magnesium, plus key vitamins and trace minerals in a blend of six synergistic herbs.

EverFlex combines all of the most promising joint health supplements into one tablet—hyaluronic acid, glucosamine, chondroitin, MSM and devil’s claw herb—to protect and lubricate joints and help increase shock absorption.
EverFlex Pain Cream
Enhances flexibility and joint mobility through pain reduction.  This penetrating, fast-acting cream features MSM and the cooling relief of menthol to help with minor joint discomfort.

The botanical ingredients in HSN-W nourish hair, skin and nails with nutrients that support the entire structural system—including bones, joints and muscles.  HSN-W contains dulse and horsetail, which contain high natural concentrations of the trace mineral silicon, plus sage and rosemary for antioxidant protection.

Collatrim delivers proteins and important amino acids to the body, which it may utilize to rebuild muscles and strengthen lean muscle mass.  The key ingredient in Collatrim is collagen, an important nutrient for healthy skin and strong joints.  Available in capsules or powder, Collatrim provides the amino acids your body needs to build muscle tissue and help keep joints healthy.

IF Relief
IF Relief combines herbal extracts that may support the body’s natural process for relieving minor muscle pain due to overuse.  While it can be especially effective following strenuous exercise or physical activity, it’s also a great choice for people seeking simply to maintain ongoing joint and tissue health.

Nature’s Noni®
The juice of the Morinda citrifolia fruit is rich in phytonutrients and antioxidants.  Phytonutrients nourish the body’s cells, organs and tissues.  They, along with antioxidants, fight oxidative stress caused by pollution, strenuous physical activity and other free-radical-generating factors.  By fighting free radical damage to the body’s cells, the nutrients in Nature’s Noni provide essential support to the structural system.

SynerPro® Calcium–Magnesium
Keep bones healthy and strong by providing them with 800 mg calcium and 400 mg magnesium—plus beneficial amounts of vitamin D, phosphorus, zinc, copper and boron—in each serving of SynerPro Calcium–Magnesium.  This is a great daily supplement for ensuring you always get the nutrients you need, even when your diet falls short.

Vitamin D3
Vitamin D is an essential vitamin that supports both bone health and the immune system.  Normally, the body synthesizes vitamin D from sunlight, but recent studies indicate that we may not be getting enough from sunlight alone.  Our Vitamin D3 supplement that provides 2,000 IU of vitamin D3, which is the amount many studies recommend for maintenance.  This essential vitamin is naturally derived from lanolin.

Millions of Americans suffer from chronic muscle soreness, stiffness and fatigue.  The body’s energy production process may make muscle discomfort worse.  When the body is deficient in energy-producing fuel, it breaks down muscle protein to create energy.  Fibralgia contains malic acid and magnesium.  Malic acid, found naturally in high concentrations in apples and other fruits and vegetables, plays an important role in cellular energy production.  The body uses magnesium to help absorb several vitamins and minerals, promote bone strength and regulate nerve impulses.

Essential Fatty Acids to Consider:

Flax Seed Oil
Krill Oil
Super Omega 3 EPA

Pure Essential Oils to Consider:

Clary Sage
Marjoram, Sweet
Thyme, Sweet
Recover Soothing Blend

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