July 13, 2016

EFT in A Nutshell

EFT in A Nutshell
By:  Lisa Miller
 In this day and age of everything having some form of shorthand or acronym…NFL, CBS, LOL, ACA, etc.,  here is one acronym worth learning about and experiencing;  EFT.  EFT stands for Emotional Freedom Technique.   It could be that you have heard of EFT by its nickname, Tapping.   Imagine a trauma or emotional releasing technique where you tap on your face while repeating statements, crazy as it might sound, what I can tell you is that IT WORKS – often times when nothing else will!
Here’s my story.  EFT, tapping, found me at a time when I suffered severe chronic pain to the point of being non-functional.  I was also experiencing an acute attack of bronchitis on the day I attended a fibromyalgia support group.  The guest speaker was an EFT practitioner who brought me up in front of the group and “tapped” on me.  The next day, I could breathe easily – the bronchitis was GONE and I have not had an attack since.  That was 10 years ago!  My pain is also diminished and I am able to work and play like I never thought I would again!  I could not get enough and began tapping on EVERYTHING! Now it is a part of my life passion to educate people about this amazing technique and share what I have learned so that others might find healing and wholeness for their lives.

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How did EFT start…where did it come from?
The history of Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) is relatively new.  In the early 1990’s a Stanford Engineer, Gary Craig, developed the process.   It has evolved very quickly since then and many people continue to ‘refine’ EFT to this day.  It is fun, easy and can be utilized by anyone!
According to Wikipedia, EFT or Emotional Freedom Technique is a psychotherapeutic alternative medicine tool based on a theory that negative emotions are caused by disturbances in the body's energy field and that tapping on the meridians while thinking of a negative emotion alters the body's energy field, restoring it to "balance."
The broad possibilities of EFT were realized by Craig (along with many other therapists working in this field).  Energy psychology has fast become a specialized field of its own.  As a therapeutic technique there is little else to equal its simplicity and effectiveness.  Many experienced therapists now report a very high success rates for many conditions from anxiety and depression to PTSD and phobias.  Many are using it in their coaching businesses to tap for success and abundance with their clients, as well as for themselves!
Are you wondering how EFT works?
To be honest nobody knows exactly what makes the combination of tapping on certain points of the body combined with thinking of the negative emotions work to provide a person relief and renewal.  That shouldn’t stop anyone from giving EFT a try after all most of us don’t know what makes our computers, cellphones, TV’s, etc. work but we certainly enjoy how they can enrich our daily lives. 
Although no one is certain there are a few theories that address what makes EFT work so effectively.  Craig’s therapy proposes that an individual’s body energy system can be disrupted by negative emotions.  EFT uses the end points of the 12 major acupuncture meridians that make up the body’s energy system as found in Chinese Medicine.   It seems that while focusing on a specific problem (and tapping on the meridians that carry the energy) the disruptions are cleared. A release takes place clearing the physical or emotional pain being worked on – thus normal functioning can resume.
When using EFT normal function can be restored easily and effortlessly.  Although there are often layers to a person’s emotional distress most people experience a cognitive shift.  EFT can reverse the limiting beliefs and negative self-talk, creating new neural pathways in our brain. This allows people to experience other perspectives and see things very differently.
Why is it valuable to see a qualified EFT Practitioner?
Before tapping on your own working with an EFT Practitioner can be helpful in that they can offer an observer or objective view of your circumstances.  This can be beneficial because often when we are in the midst of a challenge it is difficult in that we are too close to the situation.  Often the trained practitioner can see what you might otherwise be missing. They know of extra tapping points and techniques to help in more difficult cases. Often they can see and help you to understand where you’re negative emotions are rooted.  The support of having another person tap for you or guide you through the process can be the key to unlocking even a more successful result. 
While EFT can certainly help a multitude of problems, it is NOT to be used as a replacement to Medical Treatment.  Your body is more powerful than you can imagine…filled with life, energy, and a compelling ability for self-healing.  With EFT Tapping, you can take control of that power and begin to unimaginable changes in all areas of your life! 

Lisa’s bio:
Lisa Miller is a powerful transformational healer, teacher, intuitive energy coach and consultant.  She has been a practicing Reiki Master and EFT practitioner for 8 years and incorporates Quantum Touch into each healing session.  Lisa has the unique ability to uncover insights from her clients deepest selves allowing them to manifest their greatest dreams and desires.  For a profound experience toward self-expansion, contact Lisa at CCM Wellness at 920-429-2888.

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